This has been updated as of may 2022

New information concerning registration is listed below.

It is very important you read all of the following information if you plan to attend BPYC 2022 as a visitor.

Visitors must pre-register through the Eventbrite link listed below. If your church is planning on bringing a group, each person who plans to attend will need to have a ticket. Please see below for more instructions and information. 

You can also register individually if you would like, but are required to specify the church you attend. 

When registering for a group, you must list each attendant by name as that ticket will be assigned to them personally. Tickets cannot be transferred or exchanged for another individual. 

For example, if Green River has a group coming Wednesday… one person would submit the registration for everyone coming. This will be a digital form where they will list their names.

If they have a group wanting to come Wednesday night and then Thursday night, a different list would need to be submitted for each night.

The list will be kept at the gate and verified as they enter the grounds.

After registration is complete, we hope to have a number of visitors that we can seat/handle comfortably.

Groups need to register as close to exact amount of individuals who plan to attend, as space is limited. Please do not over-register for more than you think you will actually have attend. This is to help insure that everyone who wishes to visit BPYC 2022 can do so. 

The day services and daily activities will not be open to the general public. ONLY pastors, youth pastors, and parents from supporting/attending churches that are approved, prior to their arrival, will be allowed on the grounds. 

Their names will be on a visitor sheet at our security booth at the entrance. Daytime visitation hours are 9:00 am till 4:30 pm. 

Names must be submitted to and approved by either the Head Camp Director, James Carrier, and/or one of the Youth Camp Board of Directors, Rick Naylor, Robbie Fultz, Joe Simpson or Roland Bo Lee.

All visitors would need to be registered by the Friday before camp, Friday, June 17th.

Below is the link to register




PM Services begin at 6:30 pm

All visitors (regardless of age) will wear a “BPYC VISITOR” pass while on ACH grounds, which will be distributed at either the front gate or the entrance of the tabernacle by the Security Team.  All visiting musicians and those traveling with the special speaker will also be issued a visitor pass.

No visitor is permitted to stay overnight on the grounds at Appalachian Children's Home  

Visitors should expect to leave the grounds by 10:30 PM.

Visiting Ministers will be issued Black Lanyards w/ “Visiting Minister” ID Cards.  Please return this badge to a Security Team Member upon leaving ACH grounds.

Visitors will have designated seating in the Tabernacle. Visiting ministers will be permitted to sit in the front designated area of the Tabernacle as space permits.  Handicapped visitors will be seated in a designated area in the rear of the Tabernacle.

All visitors’ vehicles will be issued a numbered dash parking pass bearing the number of vehicle occupants.  The pass # will be noted on the Security Team Member’s log along with the number of vehicle occupants.  The pass will be collected by the Security Team Member upon the visitor(s) exiting ACH grounds.  The Security Team Member will also collect any BPYC Sign-out Forms from participants leaving ACH grounds.  All Visitors’ vehicles will be parked in a specific area.  A Visitor’s vehicle may be allowed to temporarily park near the barracks while retrieving a participant who is signing out and their luggage.  This visitor will be escorted by a Security Team Member.

Visitors must not bring food or drink items onto the grounds of the ACH.  Violations of this policy will result in immediate dismissal from ACH grounds.


Should a visitor wish to eat a meal while at BPYC, a meal voucher can be purchased through the BPYC Office for $5.00.