Mr & miss youth Camp


All candidates must submit an application to the Youth Camp Office by 4:00 pm the day of Camp Registration.


•The application must be signed by the camper’s Pastor or Youth Pastor.

•The candidate must be a regular attendee of the participating church.

•The candidate must have been a consistent Christian for at least the past two years.

•The candidate must participate in at least 75% of church activities. (i.e. youth programs and events, choir, drama, children’s church work, missions, evangelistic work, etc.)

•The candidate must be filled with the Holy Ghost.

•The candidate must portray a modest appearance at all times.

•The candidate must be friendly and courteous.

•The candidate must be one that would portray a high standard for Pentecostal youth.

•The candidate’s church must financially support the Appalachian Children’s Home.

Resume Requirement

Since the winners of Mr. and Miss Youth Camp will be awarded an educational scholarship, the BPYC Directors would like to request a “resume” containing the following:

• General information about the candidate

• Education information (current grade, grade point average, school activities, etc.)

• Community participation (hobbies, interests, community service, leadership roles, etc.)

• Awards, recognitions, honors, certifications, etc.

• The candidate’s salvation experience

• The candidate’s Holy Ghost experience

• The candidate’s favorite scripture with explanation as to why it is important to them

• Current Church ministry involvement (Children’s Ministry, Worship Ministry, etc.)

• Outreach ministry experience (Missions, Local Ministry endeavors, etc.)

• Future ministry goals

• Future education goals

• An explanation as to why the candidate would like to be Mr./Ms. Youth Camp

• A statement as to how the candidate feels they can best represent the past, present, and future of the Barbourville Pentecostal Youth Camp

Optional: Feel free to attach character letters or letters of recommendation from ministry leaders, fellow church members, employers, educators, etc.


•The candidate is allowed to campaign; however, no posters/signs are to be posted on the front of or in the lobby of the Tabernacle.

•The candidate may make their posters prior to camp. If a candidate should choose to make the posters at camp, they must provide their own supplies. (i.e. poster board, tape, markers, etc.)

•Campaigning will begin on Tuesday morning, following the introduction of all candidates.

•Any candidate launching a degrading or distasteful campaign will be disqualified.

•The candidate will be required to serve at least one meal throughout the campaign.

•The BPYC Directors will conduct an individual interview with the candidate on Thursday morning.

•All posters/signs are to be removed by 12:00 noon on Thursday.

•The BPYC Directors reserve the right to remove or disqualify a candidate due to improper conduct.


Candidates will be scored by the following measures:

  a.Camper vote

  b.Counselor vote

  c.Director vote

In each area, the percentages will be added, and then the highest percentage of votes will win.


  •Out of 100 campers that voted, John Doe received 10 votes, which is 10%

  •Out of 20 counselors that voted, John Doe received 10 votes, which is 50%

  •Out of 8 directors that voted, John Doe received 2 votes, which is 25%

John Doe has now received a 10%, 50%, and a 25% score. These scores will be added together and divided by three to get the average.



John Doe’s total score is 28%


Each Candidate: 50 Rock points

1st Place: Trophy, additional 100 Rock points, Tuition waiver for next year’s camp, BPYC Educational Scholarship

2nd Place: Trophy, additional 50 Rock points

=updated 6/7/17=